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Welcome to All HANDS IN MOTION.

We focus on communication.

We have been providing communication services to Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Hearing individuals, non-profit organizations, universities, hospitals, law firms, and corporations and social service agencies in the New York City metropolitan area since January 2006.

Janice B. Rimler

Owner / Sole Proprietor

Favorite Studio 504 Class(es): Scrapbooking

Established by Janice B. Rimler, a nationally certified sign language interpreter and nationally certified American Sign Language (ASL) instructor, All HANDS IN MOTION was a natural step into entrepreneurship after seventeen and a half years coordinating interpreters, creating workshops, curriculum, and mentoring at New York City College of Technology/City University of New York (CUNY). Her involvement in the New York City Deaf Community, since 1981 socially and professionally, includes Executive Board member of the New York Deaf Theatre, several Board positions in the local chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (NYC METRO R.I.D.) including President; Board member of the New York City chapter of American Sign Language Teachers Association, and volunteering in other areas of the Community.

Although currently "retired" from teaching ASL, Janice taught for more than 23 years with New York Society for the Deaf; private clientele; and for CUNY. With her years of experience as an interpreter, coordinator, instructor, presenter at conferences locally, nationally, and internationally, and through the support of the Deaf Community and her colleagues and mentors, Janice saw All HANDS IN MOTION as a natural segue into consultancy and direct service provision.

Corinne Weisberg

Accounting Coordinator

Favorite Studio 504 Class(es): Beginner Crochet

Our contractors and employees "favor "one person in the office; Corinne Weisberg, Accounting Coordinator. She is the one who holds the key to the payroll schedule and payments keeping the office running smoothly. A retired educator, Corinne makes sure everything is checked and balanced.

Lauren Vaicels

Studio 504 Coordinator

Favorite Studio 504 Class(es): Origami Art

Lauren Vaicels, a certified interpreter: NIC, is our newest office member. She is an interpreter representing the millennials while the rest are Baby Boomers and Generation X. She worked as a job coach for the last 5 years. In the role of Studio 504 Coordinator, Lauren brings an energy and dedicated focus to our goal of growing and nurturing Studio 504.

Kathryn Thome

Coordinator of Transcription Services

Favorite Studio 504 Class(es): Scrapbooking

Kathryn came to AHiM with a strong background in office management. She has an eye for organization, is detailed oriented, and quickly learned the world of transcription and the juggle of scheduling. While Kathryn doesn't sign, she is Deaf friendly, a defender of social justice. Her oldest daughter, who is a signer, was the link that brought this incredible woman to our staff. Hiring Kathryn brought us our Office Mascot, their family dog.

Miriam Rochford

Coordinator of Interpreting Services

Favorite Studio 504 Class(es): Collage Art

Stage manager, fluent signer, organizer, and ardent supporter of the arts in the Deaf Community, Miriam joined the staff on her favorite holiday~Halloween. She is an adept organizer creating more efficient ways of managing requests from clients and logging contracting interpreters.